Annual Report 2012-13

Annual Report for the Whistler Pottery Club

November 2012-2013 – Note from the WPC Executive

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making our first year as a registered society such a successful one.  We have had a very busy and productive year!  The Club Executive have focused on initiatives that achieved the following goals:

Increase member’s skills both in creating pottery and presenting their work,

  • Raise the profile of the Club in the community In support of the first goal, the Whistler Pottery Club hosted four workshops in 2013 for members. The RMOW Pottery Drop-in continues to thrive thanks to the hard work of Denise Hughes.  And once again a class for beginner potters was held through the RMOW’s continuing education program under the instruction of Kathleen Tennock.To raise our community profile we participated in the two Whistler Arts Councils ArtWalk events to showcase our pottery and demonstrate wheel throwing. We are also in the process of developing a large fundraiser called Empty Bowls that will raise money for local food banks.
  • Seek opportunities for fundraise for our Club We are very excited about our upcoming Show and Sale at the Squamish Library Foyer Gallery.  Thanks to the hard work of Kay Austen for making this show possible!
  • Build a case for increased community studio space access to provide more opportunities for classes and drop in studio times.And to support building a case for increased studio access, our Club participated in the process established through the RMOW and Whistler Art’s Council to develop a long term cultural and recreation master plan in Whistler, ensuring that the members’ feedback gained in 2012 through our online survey was conveyed to community planners.We were invited by the Whistler Art’s Council to participate in the newly formed Whistler Community Arts and Cultural Programs meeting hosted by the Whistler Art’s Council, an opportunity to connect with other cultural program members.The Club continues to grow both in members and in our offerings.  We are establishing ourselves as a productive cultural group in the community.  Our upcoming Empty Bowls fundraising initiative will also aid with this.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in Club activities and helped raise funds and the community profile of the Whistler Pottery Club this year.  Well done!

Margaret Forbes, Chair; Denise Hughes, Treasurer and Membership; Mary Ann Collishaw, Communications; Kathleen Tennock, Event Planning and Fundraising; Kay Austen, Event Planning and Fundraising; Pattie Lindsay, Event Planning and Fundraising

Club Accomplishments in 2012-2013

1.     Workshops in 2013

The Whistler Pottery Club expanded workshop offerings this year to include:

One Photography Workshop facilitated by Anastasia Chomlack.  This was a very informative and helpful workshop that focused on assisting potters with cataloguing and marketing their work. Those who attended took away some additional tools and skills and had a lot of fun in the process.

Once again the club held two gas kiln glaze-firing workshops at Vincent Massey’s pottery studio; through the Assistance of Whistler Art’s Council community member’s grants obtained by the Whistler Pottery Club.  The grant money helps to offset the costs of the firings making the workshops more affordable to Club members.

These annual firings are a great opportunity for Club members to get a lesson         from a master potter in glazing techniques.  We are very appreciative of    Vincent’s generosity in opening up his studio to our Club for this event,          sharing with us his expertise and letting us dip into his glaze buckets.

2.     Seeking Increased Access to Studio Space in WhistlerIn response to the member’s feedback obtained in the 2012 Club Survey we continue to pursue opportunities for an independent studio space.  In the past utilizing the recently vacated Spruce Grove Red Roof building was explored as an option, this building is owned by the Whistler Art’s Council.  This is not currently an option.  As an alternative continue to pursue this with the Whistler Art’s Council and have also met with a private business owner to explore opportunities.  In the 2014 we will put together a business plan and seek business advice in pursuit of a sustainable plan to move forward with.

3.     Increasing the WPC’s Community PresenceThis year’s goal was to increase our profile in the community.  To accomplish this we participated in the Whistler Art’s Council’s ArtWalk for the first time.  We displayed member made pottery pieces and provided live wheel throwing demonstrations.  The feedback from the public and members that participated was very positive. As an added bonus were also able to raise $120 with a raffle thanks to Denise Hughes and Vincent Massey.  We also gained a large banner for the Club featuring pictures of member pottery and our Club Logo.

4.     Participation in the Community Cultural Plan and Recreation Master Plan in Whistler

The Whistler Pottery Club participated in the Community Cultural Plan and the Recreation Master Plan for Whistler this past year.  We were able to advocate for revisions to the plan to reflect the Club’s need for more Studio access within the Cultural Plan.  The final draft of the plan specific to studio access is as follows: Increased Public Access to Pottery Studio

The Whistler Secondary School has a fully equipped pottery studio that is used by the Pottery Club as part of a community use agreement between the RMOW and the School District. The public, including the Pottery Club has access to the studio one evening a week. The Club has grown and has requested the dedicated use of the Red Roof building in Spruce Grove owned by the Whistler Arts Council.

Pottery studios are highly specialized facilities and are costly to maintain. Before any consideration is given to a new pottery facility, the RMOW and the Pottery Club should negotiate with the Secondary School regarding conditions for additional access to the high school’s studio.

Recommendation 18 (Pottery) Increase public access to local pottery studio spaces as need evolves

Potential approaches for implementing this recommendation are:

  • ·Negotiate for additional community use of the Whistler Secondary pottery studio; and
  • ·Look for collaborative solutions for funding the costs associated with additional use of the pottery studio e.g. a voluntary, experienced member of the Pottery Club might supervise any additional time in the studio rather than a paid instructor;
  • ·Develop a pottery studio at the former Youth Hostel site; J – 36
  • ·Consider long term use of the WAC Red Roof building as part of the Whistler Parks and Recreation Master Plan; e.g. as need is further demonstrated, perhaps allocate the Red Roof building to the Pottery Club as a dedicated pottery studio.

5.     Upcoming Events

Shades of Winter Show and Sale at the Squamish Library Foyer Gallery

We are excited to be organizing the first opportunity for our Club to show and sell their wares in the Shades of Winter Group show that will take place from December 3, 2013  to January 6, 2014.

There will be an opening reception and mini market in the multi purpose room, Friday Dec. 6  from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.

10 Whistler Pottery Club members will be participating in this group show.

Empty Bowls FundraiserThe Whistler Pottery Club will be partnering with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (SLCC) to host the community’s first Empty Bowls Fundraiser on February 21, 2014.  Our goal is to create 100 bowls to be donated and sold at a price of $30.  The price of the bowl will include a soup lunch hosted by the SLCC featuring soups donated by chefs.  There will be more news on this exciting event in the next few months.  We will be looking to members to assist with this through the donation of handmade bowls and volunteering time in preparation for the event.  Greenbarn Pottery Supply and has generously donated 6 boxes of white mid fire stoneware clay for bowl making.  If you are interested in making bowls for the event using this clay speak to Denise Hughes, the clay is available at Tuesday night Drop-In.

 6.     Financial Statements by Treasurer, Denise Hughes

Please note that our financial statements will be reviewed by an accountant in the next few weeks, if their are any changes following this review we will notify members via email.

Highlights from Financials spreadsheet as of Nov 13, 2013*

Current Balance: $1,034.69

Workshop Income: $400

Fund Raising Raffle: $120

Membership fees: $315

Shades of Winter: $30

Members: 21

Last year at this time our balance was: $684.31

*Books need to be brought up to date after AGM with the addition of Memberships & Shades of Winter revenues.

Our goals for the next year are as follows:

  • Host a successful Shades of Winter Show and Sale and Empty Bowls Fundraising Event,
  • Develop a fundraising plan for the club to establish capital funds for the purchase of equipment. ie portable wheels, slab roller, extruder.
  • Continue to offer workshops to members to expand their skill and knowledge of pottery.
  • Develop a business plan to determine feasibility for a self run studio cooperative in Whistler, get input from business development resources and other guilds with successful studios.  Bring the plan to members by the 2014 AGM to vote on implementation.

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